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Biene und Schmetterling

WOERLE supports the project "Diversity on my farm" by ÖKL

WOERLE dairy farmers are inherently close to nature and have always managed in a cycle with and for nature. In addition to the lush meadows, there are structures on every farm that are low yielding or often considered “slovenly”, such as abandoned piles of old wood, forgotten corners with old grass or withered blackberry bushes, rarely mowed and seemingly unkempt slopes, raines or piles of stones. Translated with (free version) These areas, which often receive too little attention, are habitat, nursery and retreat for valuable plant species, wild bees, ground beetles, butterflies, sand lizards and beneficial insects of all kinds – a paradise of diversity.

In order to discover these natural treasures for themselves, the Austrian Board of Trustees for Agricultural Engineering and Rural Development (ÖKL) has launched the project “Diversity on my farm”. Specially trained farmers create an individual biodiversity portfolio together with the WOERLE farmers during a voluntary farm tour. In this way, the existing wealth of species is made aware and can often be promoted with the simplest of measures. For example, there are species of ground beetles that eat grubs and snails. Which farmer would not like to have more of such guests on his meadows? WOERLE farmers can and should be proud of their biodiversity. Gerrit Woerle would like to promote this understanding and is looking forward to active participation. Translated with (free version)

WOERLE is a long-standing partner of ARA and thus makes an important contribution to active climate protection.

ARA ensures that the packaging of WOERLE products is collected and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. WOERLE thus saves the environment around 745 tonnes of CO2 per year, which corresponds to the greenhouse gas emissions of 6,184,402 car kilometres. In total, the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste in the ARA system results in annual savings of around 520,000 tonnes of CO2 throughout Austria (this corresponds to 7% of the annual mileage of all registered passenger cars in Austria). And that relieves our environment in the long term.

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