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The delicate and spicy Mondseer is probably the oldest and most traditional soft cheese in Austria. Its origins date back to 1830.
Even today, the cheese is still made according to a traditional and carefully honed recipe of the Mondsee Monastery and cultivated with red cultures several times a week.

The fresh hay milk produced every day, so important for its aromatic taste, comes from cows grazing on the lush and herb-rich meadows of Mondseeland. Finely acidic scent of buttermilk accompanied by meadow flowers and hazelnut. Savoury and spicy on the palate. There are also, however, milky aromas and subtle notes of green young wood and moss – perfectly integrated in the soft, smooth texture.

WOERLE Mondseer 45% FDM

Nutritional table

Average nutritional value per 100g
Energy kj/kcal
Fat26,0 g
of which saturated fats19,0 g
Carbohydrates0,0 g
of which sugar0,0 g
Protein22,0 g
Salt1,80 g