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The production of haymilk is the most original form of producing milk and is adapted to the changing seasons. Haymilk cows spend summer on the local meadows and Alpine pastures, where they can enjoy all kinds of luscious herbs and grasses along with fresh air and pure water. Even in winter they are provided with feed of the highest quality – sun dried hay. They further receive a supplement of mineral-rich coarse grains.

Silage based feed from fermented grass or maize is guaranteed to never find their way into the trough. The particularly gentle and original farming method used by haymilk farmers also has a positive effect on nature, making a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and preservation of biodiversity.

Many different herbs and flowers provide more flavour

A wealth of plants is crucial to the quality and taste of haymilk. Almost 1,000 grasses and herbs grow on Austria’s meadows, grazing lands and Alpine pastures. These areas are a veritable paradise for pasture milk cows and the foundation of high quality haymilk.

Whether meadow fescue, bluegrass, white clover, orchard grass, meadow foxtail, red clover, bush vetch, ribwort or dandelion, to name a few, nature provides a varied diet. And it's not only haymilk cows that enjoy the taste. The higher the biodiversity, the better the flavour and quality of the milk.

If it is Woerle cheese, it has got to be haymilk!

The company’s founder, Johann Baptist Woerle, realised very early that the best raw milk quality is of immeasurable value for the production of purely natural, high-quality cheese. For this reason he wrote down the “1889 Woerle Purity Requirements” that are still valid and have remained unchanged since then: Only the finest, silo-free haymilk produced and processed on the same day may be used as raw material for Woerle’s cheese delicacies – a true gem nowadays. It is supplied by about 600 small farms located in the area of Salzburg and around Mondsee.

Apart from their fine recipes, the special thing about Woerle’s selected cheese specialties is certainly the haymilk’s richness in taste. It will bring summer onto your table.
In summer, the haymilk cows graze on lush green pastures where plenty of sunshine makes the grass rich and fills the herbs with aromatic flavours; and in the cold season they get sun-dried hay and whole grain food – free from fermented silage. This natural variety provides haymilk with its unique aroma – eventually found in our haymilk cheese. One more thing that is very important in cheese production:
The high milk quality allows producing haymilk cheese entirely without the use of any additives and preservatives.