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Credit where credit is due

WOERLE has produced its cheese delicacies with great love and care according to traditional recipes, which has resulted in several awards for the family-owned company. By now, WOERLE is proud to currently hold 11 CHEESE EMPEROR AWARDS. This annual award by AGRARMARKT AUSTRIA (AMA) is the highest cheese award in Austria.

A "Käsekaiser" for his life’s work

The international film industry has the Oscar. The Austrian cheese industry has its Käsekaiser – the highest award for exceptional deeds. Gerhard Woerle was bestowed with a special prize at the Käsekaiser Gala in November 2012. Agrarmarkt Austria awarded him the honorary Käsekaiser for his life’s work. It paid tribute to his tireless commitment to turning the family-run company into one of the largest private cheese factories in the country, and for all his years of work for local cheese and cheesemaking.