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5 principles

The principles of success - for 125 years

They’ve never been chiselled in stone or even recorded in ink, and yet they’ve been in place, unchanged and unwavering, for 125 years now.

The principles behind the Woerle Family are the principles of success, and the philosophical bedrock from which the family members work, act and live. Founding father Johann Baptist Woerle was the first master cheesemaker to pass them along to his sons in 1889. These are no classical family heirlooms, but rather practical information conveyed during each new generation’s training in the management of a cheese factory. The sons took the principles to heart, and in due time presented them to their own sons, and so on down the line. This tradition remains unchanged today. Gerhard Woerle and his children work and live by the same principles of success as his forebears.

The secret of finest Salzburg cheese –
the „Woerle Purity Rule of 1889“ – is passed down from generation to generation!

125 years ago Johann Baptist Woerle identified the key ingredient for the finest cheese — fresh, pure haymilk. This insight led Woerle to formulate his own private ‘purity rule’ of 1889, one that has been maintained carefully by each new generation since then. His rule stipulated that Woerle haymilk cheese specialities could only be produced from milk collected from cows who fed on fresh meadow grass in the summer and who received sun-dried hay in the winter. The many different grasses and flowers give the milk an especially fine and verdant aroma that makes Woerle cheese unlike any other.

We seal a deal with a handshake, a sign of our unwavering reliability!

One man, one word of honour. For Johann Baptist Woerle, a personal promise with an honest handshake was as solid as any signature. He passed this attitude along to his sons, and in time to the generation that followed as well. Gerhard Woerle and his children continue to operate their family’s company based on the same principle.

As evidence of the Woerle reliability, it’s worth noting that of the dairy farmers who served as suppliers at the very beginning back in 1889, more than 150 of those families are still proud providers of Woerle haymilk – also typically in their 4th and 5th generations.

We care for our home region, and work with all our strength to protect it!

When Johann Baptist Woerle moved from the Allgäu region in Germany to the Flachgau some 125 years ago, he quickly fell in love with the majestic natural landscapes. No place on earth spoke to him as his new home. This love for his spiritual home has been passed down to the generations that followed. Yet to describe the Flachgau region just as a "place" in the life of the Woerle Family doesn’t do it justice. The special climate and fertile soil of the Flachgau has made it to the largest haymilk region in Austria, and the cradle for the success of the Woerle private cheese factory. A special treasure for which the family remains thankful and feels perpetually obligated to maintain.

We are always honest, forthright and friendly with our dairy farmers!

The relationships between the Woerle Family and their dairy farmers has always been a warm one. What started as just a handful of farmers back in 1889 delivering their milk to the cheese business of Johann Baptist Woerle has grown to over 620 dairy farming families in the Flachgau and Mondseeland. And Gerhard Woerle knows each one personally. The climate in which these deeply rooted relationships can thrive is inherently a very friendly one. One shaped by mutual respect for the strengths of the other partner. And one where talks are conducted in person. Gerhard Woerle is glad for any excuse to drive out and visit the farmers, to discuss their concerns, needs and desires.

After all, a strong relationship with the farmers is just as important as top milk quality.

Our cows get tender meadows and flowers –
and pay thanks through top-quality haymilk all year round!

The finest cheese can only be made from the finest milk. And the best milk is haymilk. The Woerles have known this secret for more than 125 years. Which is why Woerle haymilk comes from the happy haymilk cows of Salzburg’s Flachgau and the Mondseeland regions, where the animals live in harmony with nature. In summer they graze on the fields and alpine meadows, enjoying only rich grasses and flowers. In winter they are provided with high-quality sundried hay and mineral-rich grain grist. The quality of this traditional diet is most clearly understood with the first sip of milk. Once the aroma and verdant tones of the 1,000 different grasses and flowers pass by your lips and combine into a unique tasting experience, you too will know:

Haymilk is the best milk!