"Connected to nature.
Committed to purity.
For the love of good cheese."

Finest cheese specialities from regional hay milk produced fresh every day.

"The most tasteful way
to enjoy cheese."

A large selection of refined cheese recipes of all kinds.

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Slice for slice of hay milk cheese enjoyment!

Woerle Trennlinie

Our popular Emmental, Mondseer and Bergkäse cheeses are also available as slices in resealable packaging.

Extremely practical, made from the best hay milk and with an excellent taste.

Passion for the best hay milk cheese
in harmony with nature.

Woerle Trennlinie
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„The secret of
the best cheese
we hand over
from generation to generation!”

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Gerhard Woerle, cheese maker

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“Connected to nature.
Committed To Purity.
For the love of cheese. “

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Johann Baptist Woerle