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Slice for slice of hay milk cheese enjoyment!

Woerle Trennlinie

Our popular Emmental, Mondseer and Bergkäse cheeses are also available as slices in resealable packaging.

Extremely practical, made from the best hay milk and with an excellent taste.

Passion for the best hay milk cheese
in harmony with nature.

Woerle Trennlinie

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„The secret of
the best cheese
we hand over
from generation to generation!”

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Gerhard Woerle, cheese maker

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“Connected to nature.
Committed To Purity.
For the love of cheese. “

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Johann Baptist Woerle

Woerle expands production and storage capacity at its headquarters in Henndorf: Extension of cheese melting plant, construction of high-bay refrigerated warehouse, packaging line for natural cheese slices

The increasing demand for Woerle cheese specialities requires additional production and storage capacity. This is why our company premises in Henndorf in Salzburg’s Flachgau region are being expanded from 3 to 5 hectares. The aim of the expansion is to bundle the flow of our entire production process, which we have had to decentralize more and more over the past 20 years due to the strong growth in the past 20 years, at one location again, to strengthen our innovative power and to further anchor the company in the region.

With this expansion, however, we are not only creating synergies and optimizing our production processes. In keeping with the concept of sustainability, we also pay particular attention to environmentally friendly aspects and the implementation of the highest standards of hygiene during construction. We are reducing our CO2 footprint because the approximately 5,000 truck journeys between the individual warehouses and the main plant that have been necessary to date will be eliminated from autumn 2019.

The expansion will create an additional 20 to 25 jobs at the site, which once again underlines our role as an important employer in the region and a strong and reliable partner for our farmers.

An expansion on this scale is associated with not inconsiderable investments. We are therefore pleased about the support of our project within the framework of the Austrian programme for Rural Development 2014-2020 by the Federal Government, the Province of Salzburg and the European Union.

With the support of the federal, state and European Union